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olumide_sofuwa.jpg I am a third year PhD/research student at the University of Southampton, England and Nigerian by birth. My field of work is gait analysis and rehabilitation and I am presently researching on gait kinetics in people with Parkinson’s disease using ground reaction forces and 3D motion analysis.

I would like to be considered for election as the new ISB representative because it is such an invaluable opportunity to contribute and be part of such a recognised and dynamic society that promotes the knowledge and shape of biomechanics. Personally, I like teamwork and working to help others and besides my gaining more experience, I would like to be of a positive influence to fellow student members and to help them gain more knowledge in the field of biomechanics depending on their interests.

Students within the ISB will be tomorrow’s flag bearers of the society. Therefore the role of the society in their training and participation in the field of biomechanics is important. I intend to encourage students to participate and interact by encouraging the use of a student chat room. Online video conferencing will be introduced and planned for ISB workshops/symposia and seminars. This in particular will be helpful for those that may not be able to travel to these programmes and can be used to introduce potential new members to ISB activities.

Participation from economically less developed countries will also be encouraged by exploring their needs regarding biomechanics training, facilities and conference attendance and meeting any of these within the capacity of ISB and its sponsors.


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The ISB promotes the study of all areas of Biomechanics at the International level.

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