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ksogaard_200w.jpgKaren Søgaard is currently a Senior Researcher in the research group of Function and Pain Physiology at National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Denmark. She received her MS in Physical Education and in 1994 her PhD in Human Physiology from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen. She has been a research fellow in 1995 at Department of Kinesiology, Simon Fraser, University, Vancouver, Canada and in 2001 at Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia.

She has been teaching in Biomechanics at University of Copenhagen and University of Trondheim and has been lecturing at a number of Danish and International PhD courses and at educational institutions.

Karen Søgaard serves on the editorial board of two international including the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology and serves as a referee for more than 10 scientific journals. She has authored more than 50 refereed papers and book chapters and about 120 conference abstracts or proceedings.

Her main field of competence is neuromuscular control and occupational biomechanics using 3D kinematics, 3D kinetics, mechanomyography and electromyography including single motor unit recording. Her research has mainly focused on the upper extremities, especially the load on the shoulders during occupational work tasks such as floor cleaning or pushing and pulling.

She has been a member of ISB since her first attendance in an ISB congress as a PhD student in 1993. She was an active participant in the early initiatives to gather and formalize the International Shoulder Group (ISG) and has been a member of this group since it in 1999 got the status as a Technical group in ISB.

Since 2003 she has been an executive council member and the editor of the ISB- Newsletter. During this period she has initiated changes in lay-out and content of the Newsletter in order to make it a real supplement to the ISB-homepage and Biomech-L. The final step was the appearance of an electronic version on the homepage in 2005.

Among all the important work being done in ISB I find that the most important is to facilitate the student and the young members involvement in ISB and to expand the international collaboration within the Biomechanics area to developing countries.

It has been inspiring to work on these issues in the council with a group of enthusiastic, dedicated people. I have learned a lot during these years and I am prepared to do a good job for ISB either as council member or president!

1. Søgaard K, Gandevia SC, Todd G, Petersen NT and Taylor JL. The effect of sustained low-intensity contractions on supraspinal fatigue in human elbow flexor muscles. J Physiol 2006: 511-523, 2006.

2. Finsen L, Søgaard K, Graven-Nielsen T, Christensen H (2005): Activity pattern of wrist extensor muscles during wrist extension and deviations. Muscle Nerve. 31: 242-251

3. Søgaard K, Blangsted AK, Jørgensen LV, Madeleine P, Sjøgaard G (2003) Evidence of long term fatigue following prolonged intermittent contractions based on mechano- and electromyograms. J Electromyogr Kinesiol, 13: 441-450

4. Søgaard K, Sjøgaard G, Finsen L, Olsen HB, Christensen H. (2001) Motor unit activity during stereotyped finger tasks and computer mouse work. J Electromyogr Kinesiol 11 (3): 197-206

5. Søgaard K, Laursen B, Jensen B R, Sjogaard G.(2001) Dynamic loads om the upper extremities during two different floor cleaning methods. J Clin Biomech (16/10): 866-879


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    Almost time to go! IMPORTANT: Monday's lectures will be in a different location. All details at the link.
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    It's never too early to start planning for National Biomechanics Day! How is your lab or university going to join this world-wide celebration of biomechanics and share the excitement with high school students?

    For more information about NBD see:
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