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MBEC issue dedicated to ISG 2008 - Springer & U.S. NIH

Dear Friends,

In case:

  1. your research activity has been financed by U.S. NIH, and
  2. you are about to submit a paper for the issue of Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (MBEC) dedicated to the conference

you may be interested to know the position of Springer regarding the NIH request to deposit the final manuscript of your journal articles in PubMed Central (

Here (pdf) you can find the details of Springer’s position, which appears very positive, with two possible options!

Kind Regards,

Andrea G. Cutti

Publication of ISG 2008 papers

A selection of the proceedings of the ISG 2008 conference will be published as full papers in Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing.

Further information will be published on the conference website at by the end of August.

ISG2004 proceedings published

The proceedings of the 5th meeting of the ISG held in Portugal in 2004 have been published in Clinical Biomechanics: Volume 21, Supplement 1, 2006. The supplement also features an editorial by DirkJan Veeger and Gil Pascoal, entitled "Upper extremity biomechanics: Are we closing the gap? Proceedings of the 5th meeting of the International Shoulder Group".

Inman VT, Saunders JBDM & Abbot LC. Observations on the function of the shoulder joint. Journal of Bone Joint Surg 26:1-30, 1944

Famous but lengthy paper on the shoulder, covering comparative anatomy, muscle function in elevation, a brief mechanical analysis and case studies.

Paper available here.

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