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Special Issue of Medical & Biological Engineering and Computing

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Special Issue of Medical & Biological Engineering and Computing following on from the 2012 Conference of the ISG. The issue is devoted to Shoulder Biomechanics and the success of translational research, and features a number of publications arising from the meeting held in Aberystwyth, UK. The journal editors have kindly agree to present two of the papers as Open Access as the Best Methodological and Best Clinical Papers.


Contributions for MBEC Special Issue

As discussed at the recent ISG meeting, a special issue of Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing will be published, devoted to shoulder biomechanics. Full papers based on work presented at the 9th ISG Conference in Aberystwyth are invited, and the deadline for submissions will be 19 November 2012. Please follow the guidelines for authors of original articles given by MBEC here:
When you submit your article, you will be able to select the Special Issue from a drop-down menu. We look forward to receiving your articles.

Thanks to organisers for ISG 2010

Following a very successful 8th meeting of the International Shoulder Group in Minneapolis recently, the committee would like to thank the local organisers from the University of Minnesota for all their hard work, and the attendees for a good range of podium and poster presentations and stimulating discussions. The abstracts of all papers presented are attached here, and longer articles of selected papers will appear in a special journal issue in due course. 

ISG 2008 proceedings published in Medical & Biological Engineering and Computing

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that the international journal "Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing" (Springer) has just published a Special Issue on Shoulder Biomechanics (Vol. 47, No. 5), gathering some of the works presented at our last meeting in Bologna. Among the papers,

Blana D et al "Combined feedforward and feedback control of a redundant, non-linear, dynamic musculoskeletal system"


Steenbrink F et al "Arm load magnitude affects selective shoulder muscle activation"

have been awarded with the two Young Investigator Awards sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Group of the University of Bologna and Springer Verlag, and are "Open Access".

Kindest Regards,

Andrea G. Cutti

ISG Presentations on upper limb motion analysis

DirkJan Veeger and Andrea Cutti gave a seminar on upper extremity motion analysis at the ESMAC conference in Turkey in September. You can view and download the presentations here. Andrea's slides are attached as pdf files, and DirkJan's slides can be viewed online here.

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