Minutes of ISG General Meeting 2006

Chicago, October 10 2006

Frans van der Helm

21 persons present in the Auditorium, during the lunch break of the 6th conference of the International Shoulder Group. Meeting is presided over by Ed Chadwick (CWRU).

1. Thanks

The ISG community wishes to thank Jules Dewald for the excellent organization of the meeting, shown by a great round of applause.

2. Next meeting

Offers have been received from
- Andrea Cutti (Bologna)
- Jean-Pierre Baeyens (Brussels)

Preferred time of meeting is June – July – August 2008, next to another major biomechanics meeting or event of importance. The new board will decide in a few weeks on the location of the next meeting.

3. Elections (Paula Ludewig)

New board members are:
- Dirk-Jan Veeger
- John Borstad
- Richard Hughes
- Andrew Karduna
- Ed Chadwick

4. ISG website

ISG website can be found at www.internationalshouldergroup.org. Currently, ISG has 150 members. There is spare space on the webserver to share programs and data, or to provide a link to your own website. Please contact Ed Chadwick.

5. ISB meeting Taiwan

As in each ISB meeting, the ISG will contact the organizers in order to organize one or two special shoulder sessions. The new board has taken up this duty. The ISG members will be informed.

6. Other issues

Jules Dewald had a tip for the next ISG meeting organizers: He recommends the on-line registration and payment organization which took care of the current meeting (www.regonline.com).

Frans van der Helm asked the new board to make a script for each new organization, with activities to be done, and deadlines when activities should have been done. It is a good way for the ISG board to keep track of the organization, and for the ISG meeting organizers to make use of the experiences of previous organizers.

Paula Ludewig asked if the next ISG meeting organizers could have a special student rate. The ISB pays some money to the ISG board, and can advance money for the meeting organizers. They also will guarantee some money for the organizers in case of a loss. The ISB council member responsible for Technical Groups is Ewald Hennig.

7. Closing.