Overview of morphological data as listed in Multiple Muscle Systems, Biomechanics and Movement Organization

Comprises data, not only on the arm and shoulder, as presented in:

  1. Yamaguchi GT, Sawa AGU, Moran DW, Fessler MJ, Winters JM (1990). A survey of human musculotendon actuator parameters. In: Multiple Muscle Systems, biomechanics and movement organization, Winters JM & Woo SL-Y (Eds), Springer Verlag New York, pp. 717 - 774.
  2. Van der Helm FCT, Yamaguchi GT (2000). Morphological data for the development of musculoskeletal models: An update. In: Winters JM, Crago P (Eds), Neural control of posture and movement, Springer Verlag, NY, 645-658. ISBN 0-387-94974-7

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