ISG at the 2015 ISB Congress

The ISG participated successfully in the recent International Society of Biomechanics Congress in Glasgow, UK. 
The main ISG event was the one-hour Special Session that focused on using inertial sensors for measuring upper-limb kinematics. This session was very well attended, and led to the discussion of a new ISB-ISG standard for upper-limb kinematic measurements. The discussion will be open to all ISG members, and we'll be sending out more information on that soon. Look out for it on the ISB website, via our twitter account and biomch-l. Our plan is to have a proposal ready for final discussion and submission by the ISG conference in July 2016. 

Our members chaired and presented on three other ISB sessions: Upper Limb 1 and 2, and Upper Body: Shoulder. The organizer of the next ISG conference, Dr Daniel Baumgartner, took the opportunity to hand out flyers with information on the meeting, which will take place in July 14 - 16, 2016 in Winterthur, Switzerland at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The flyer can also be found here.
We hope that the variety of topics presented during the ISB upper limb sessions has sparked new interest in shoulder biomechanics. If you are not an ISG member, consider joining us!

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