ISG meeting at upcoming ISB

The International Shoulder Group invites all its members and all interested delegates to take part in a 1-hour discussion during the up-coming ISB meeting in Cape Town, about the following two topics:

  1. definition of standardized protocol for upper-limb motion analysis - a follow-up on the 2005 proposal paper: does it work? Chairman: DirkJan Veeger
  2. agreement between shoulder models prediction and experimental evidences: mechanical optimality versus physiological optimality. Chairman: Jurriaan De Groot.

The discussion will take place on Wednesday, July 8th, Kremer Building, Room #4, starting at 5.45pm.
After the discussion, it might be nice to have dinner together.

To ease the organisation, please let me know ( if you think you'll attend the discussion and/or dinner.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Andrea G. Cutti
DirkJan Veeger
Jurriaan De Groot