News about the biannual ISG conference and general meeting.

Interest in Summer School?

The possibility has arisen of holding the 2nd Summer School in Advanced Technologies for Neuro-Motor Assessment and Rehabilitation immediately following the ISG meeting in July 2008. The school is organized by Prof. Lorenzo Chiari (University of Bologna) in a charming location in the hills surrounding Bologna. The first school (held last June) was really successful and "international" (see the attached leaflet). The main topics were: portable sensors and systems, wireless communications, biofeedback devices, virtual reality-based systems and telerehabilitation. In this 2nd school one sure change will be to have more free time to let participants visit Bologna and surroundings.

Before deciding on the exact dates, Prof. Chiari was wondering how many of us would be interested in participating in the event. Could you please email Andrea Cutti ( if you think you would be interested in attending the school? The provisional dates are:

  • ESB meeting: 6th-9th July;
  • ISG meeting: registration desk on 10th afternoon and sessions on 11th-12th;
  • Summer School: 14th-19th July.

ISG 2008 Conference Announcement

Posted on behalf of Andrea Cutti:

Following the decision of the Board, it is a great pleasure for me to announce that the next meeting of the ISG will be held in Bologna (Italy), hosted by the Motion Analysis Laboratory of the INAIL Prosthesis Centre, in the framework of the StartER project.

The meeting will last two days and it is preliminarily scheduled for the first half of July 2008. The specific date will be chosen in order to: 1) easily combine the participation to the meeting with the participation to the meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics (6-9 July, Lucerne, Switzerland); 2) to continue the visit to Italy after the two days of work. To this regard, an original program is under development for the accompanying persons while staying in Bologna.

Special registration fees will be reserved for ISB members and students. In order to have all you coming to Bologna hosted in the same hotel where we are organizing the conference (Bologna downtown), discounted rates for rooms will be available and even cheaper for students.

With the help of the ISG Board it is our intention to have a selection of abstracts published in an international journal. Further details will follow in the next few months on this web-site. If you want to stay up-to-date, send an email to

Useful links:

StartER Project:
ESB meeting:

Andrea Giovanni Cutti
INAIL Prosthesis Centre

Special Topics at ISB 2007

The ISB has invited me to organise a special topic on the Upper Extremity for ISB 2007. A topic can consist of maximally four sessions of up to six papers each. Deadline for submission for the topic and sessions is 15-2-2007. I have not yet decided yet on the specific topic and separate sessions. I am considering the topic "Upper extremity: measurements, models and motor control".

Should you want to go to Taipei and also would like to participate in a session, could you please let me know and possibly inform me on what you are considering for presentation?


Minutes of ISG General Meeting 2006

Chicago, October 10 2006

Frans van der Helm

21 persons present in the Auditorium, during the lunch break of the 6th conference of the International Shoulder Group. Meeting is presided over by Ed Chadwick (CWRU).

1. Thanks

The ISG community wishes to thank Jules Dewald for the excellent organization of the meeting, shown by a great round of applause.

Meeting schedule added to website

The Final Schedule for the ISG 2006 meeting in Chicago next week has been added to the website. Travel information has also been added to the meeting page.

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