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Overview of morphological data as listed in Multiple Muscle Systems, Biomechanics and Movement Organization

Comprises data, not only on the arm and shoulder, as presented in:

  1. Yamaguchi GT, Sawa AGU, Moran DW, Fessler MJ, Winters JM (1990). A survey of human musculotendon actuator parameters. In: Multiple Muscle Systems, biomechanics and movement organization, Winters JM & Woo SL-Y (Eds), Springer Verlag New York, pp. 717 - 774.
  2. Van der Helm FCT, Yamaguchi GT (2000). Morphological data for the development of musculoskeletal models: An update. In: Winters JM, Crago P (Eds), Neural control of posture and movement, Springer Verlag, NY, 645-658. ISBN 0-387-94974-7

Available here.

Morphological parameters for modelling of the human shoulder

Overview of morphological parameters for modelling of the human shoulder, comprising data from Veeger et al. (1991), Helm et al. (1992), Veeger et al (1997), recently extended with data from Klein Breteler et al. (1999).
These data have been collected by the Dutch Shoulder Group, and comprise the information needed for musculoskeletal modeling of the upper extremity such as muscle insertion sites, joint rotation axes and centres, as well as muscle contraction parameters. Of course, the data are far from complete: as insight developed, the need for parameters not previously measured also grew. However, at this point this is what we have, and have to use. But additions to the site, in the form of data, or links are certainly appreciated. In the future, we hope to extend this set ourselves with hand- and neck data.
The idea of publishing these data on the web site is of course that these can be freely used. Also, although we put a major effort in ascertaining their correctness, this can be no means be guaranteed. Therefore, if you intend to use these data, be free to do so, but we do not accept responsibility for errors and their possible consequences. We would appreciate appropriate references, though.
The data can be viewed at:
Amsterdam, 17 juni 2010, Dirkjan (H.E.J.) Veeger

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